Over the last five years, many organizations came to the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, with the goal to stop the spreading of HIV and to address the consequences, which mostly affect lives of children. One of these organizations was the St Elizabeth University of Health and Social Sciences. It established an orphanage that would provide treatment for children with HIV. Because of the constantly increasing number of orphans who needed this kind of help, the school eventually opened four additional treatment homes and the school currently fosters more than 150 Cambodian children.

The project provides children with:

Social Welfare

-school and pre-school activities
-English lessons
-tutoring / individual lecturing
-leisure activities
-educational programs


-24 -hour medical care
-HAART - antiretroviral medication to stop the replication of the virus
-laboratory testing and health monitoring
-prophylaxis and treatment of opportunistic infections
-collaboration with other health centers
-specific examinations (dental, ear and eye care, immunizations)
-professional care provided by doctors and social workers from Slovakia and Cambodia


1) When was House of Family built and exact location in Cambodia? Established in 2003, location Sihanoukville, Cambodia

2) How many children, patients do they care for? Just an HIV facility? 40 childrens, only HIV positive

3) How many doctors and staff working? 2 doctors from Slovakia, 2 social workers, 1 housekeeper - 5 workers

4) When, why and how did the Hantuchova family get involved? 2007 through introduction from a family friend

5) Other important donators to House of the Smile, would you know? Daniela Hantuchova foundation as head donator, Igor Hantuch and with cooperation of ST. Elisabeth University of health and social work Bratislava, Slovakia

6) Do you receive reports on the developments made with your funding?Yes every month, detailed financial report

Official website of House of Family project
Photostory from Cambodia